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Top 12 Outdoor Resident Events for the Warmer Weather Months in 2022


by Catherine Rotman

Onsite events have been making a positively overwhelming comeback in 2022 following the last two years, and Property Managers have been eager to dive back into providing more interactive ways to engage with residents. Spring and summer offer some of the most exciting resident engagement opportunities for onsite events and allow apartment communities to expand traffic into amenity spaces that may have been idle over the winter months, reminding residents of all the fun ways they can utilize the spaces in your building.

Working with vendors in some of our largest markets from New York to Washington DC and Miami, we have had a chance to pilot different virtual and onsite event themes. Year-over-year, several evergreen events stick. To layer on , our dedicated Events Director and team have been able to build an exciting palette of fresh, new resident events that keep our communities actively entertained and help our Property Managers create a better sense of community at their apartment buildings. Keep reading to explore some of our favorite upcoming event themes at some of our Circuit communities in the coming months.

1. Pastel Party

Soothing pastels have made a comeback in 2022. The springtime and summer shades of lavender, baby blues, peaches, lemons ,and mint greens inspire all the moods of tranquility, the great outdoors, floral feels, and cotton candy. This party theme gives attendees a chance to demonstrate their favorite pastel plaid attire, spring sports coats and blazers, and fun summer dresses. To compliment the mood, sweet pastel treats like macarons and cotton candy are a necessity with a rosé bar and completed with an upbeat Bruno Mars mixtape and croquet or corn hole competition. 

2. Themed Rooftop Party

Summer and spring rooftop parties are one of our highest demand resident events for the warmer months, and a wonderful opportunity to show off your apartment building’s scenery and any upstairs amenities along the way. The atmosphere brings most of the magic and paired with live jazz, margaritas, or a photo booth, the experience can be elevated even more.

3. Local Food Truck Tasting

One of the best ways to integrate new residents into your community is through food tasting experiences. Vendors from your neighborhood can serve up unique flavors to celebrate holidays of the warmer months. Authentic and locally sourced cuisine can complement themed celebrations such as Authentic Mexican cuisine for Cinco De Mayo, Barbeque on the 4th of July, French Crepes on Bastille Day, and classic comfort foods for Labor Day. Food truck lineups can also be a way to light up an otherwise mundane weeknight and revive your apartment building outside of the weekend.

4. Pet Fashion Show

‘Dress up your pet’ events offer an engaging way to delight your residents with furry friends even when it is not Halloween. Costume materials can be provided, or residents can be given enough notice to procure costuming themselves. A photobooth or professional photographer can help capture all the best moments of the event and be shared on social media to help boost your property’s exposure and spur engagement by allowing residents to vote on costumes for prizes. To complete the pet fashion show or costume contest, your event can spotlight local groomers, pet daycare staff, or dog trainers, and proceeds for a raffle can help sponsor a local shelter or special cause for animals in need.

5. Ice Cream Social

An ice cream social is a family-friendly event your residents will love, and it also allows property managers the ability to activate multiple amenity spaces, whether it be the lobby, courtyard, or any underutilized amenity space. A lineup including a wide variety of flavors, dairy-free and low sugar options as well as an abundance of toppings to select will help make this event catered to everyone’s tastes and preferences. To level up the party for adult crowds, the rising popularity of boozy ice cream infuses the best of cocktails and dessert in one course.  

6. Lawn Party

Transform an ordinary lawn or courtyard area into an inviting picnic. This event can be themed in several ways, from a casual backyard barbecue to commemorate Memorial Day, or the theme can be more dressed up with a Bohemian vibe by bringing in some simple lanterns, floor pillows centered around picnic tables with lots of fresh flowers, and authentic, locally catered cuisine.  

7. “I Tried But it Died” Houseplant Workshop

With the help of a gardening expert, this event gives residents and opportunity to learn the fundamentals of apartment greenery. Residents can be provided with a live plant, pot, soil, and stones in this interactive workshop dedicated to plant TLC. Additions can include afternoon mimosas, adult beverages, or tea, and light appetizers.  

8. Spring Closet Cleaning Swap and Rescue Runway

Spring can be an inspiring time to clean out an old closet. This closet cleaning with a twist can bring a lot of engagement between residents and help aid a worthy cause. Residents are invited to clean out their closets and try on or swap articles of clothing with each other. Selected pieces for giveaway can be featured in a runway with a property-specific hashtag, and all clothing not claimed will be donated to a charity.  

9. Salsa Dancing & Mojitos Social

An evening of salsa dancing followed by cocktails is sure to turn up the heat at your apartment community. Professional salsa dancers will demonstrate the basics of this Latin dance style to get everyone moving and having fun in minutes. The Fiesta Latina Dance Class and Mojito Social has been immensely popular at several of our Miami properties where we proudly work with local professionals and vendors to create this magical evening with a Havana Nights Flair for residents.  

10. Outdoor Social Fitness

If your fitness center or Yoga studio needs a little more life and energy, a social fitness class event can be the perfect method to integrate your residents. This Group Fitness Instructor-led activity can include anything from a cardio run followed by nutrition talk or open dialogue about seasonal training recommendations or a Yoga or Barre class followed by a social happy hour. Choose from a variety of fun themes including Weights and Plates, Yoga and Mimosas, Bend & Brew, or Barbells and Bagels. 

11. Outdoor Movie Night

Themed movie nights such as nostalgic classics like Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Wizard of Oz, or Pixar animated films for kid-friendly watching, or landmark comedies can revive the standard movie night. An empty courtyard, rooftop, or open lawn function as the perfect setting and can be dressed up with extra flair from inflatable or bean chairs to cozy sack pillows and picnic blankets and where a backdrop is unavailable, we can provide the movie screen projector. Local vendors or food trucks can provide varieties of popcorn, sweet treats, adult beverages, or mocktails.  

12. Classic Pool Party

Pool parties are a staple event to kick off Summertime. A few extra elements can elevate the experience from giant float inflatables, to beach balls, outdoor games such as cornhole, and refreshing beverage varieties of fresh-squeezed lemonade and a food truck or taco bar.  

When planning your resident events for summer this year, it can feel overwhelming to decide on a theme, plan all the details with vendors, and make sure the event goes off without a hitch. This is where Circuit comes in to handle all your resident events from start to finish, while you can relax knowing your residents will be delighted and taken care of, while you can get back to focusing on bigger operational tasks. To chat with our team about kicking off your first resident event this season, reach out today.

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