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by Circuit

These Social Fitness Events Make Working Out More Fun


by Catherine Rotman

Wellness amenities are an essential part of the resident experience with fitness and social experiences leading the most sought-after inclusions in multifamily communities today. Despite the piqued levels of interest in wellness, property managers continue to seek creative ways to promote utilization of fitness and amenity areas. Recent findings demonstrate upwards of 70% of people are prone to adapting a new behavior or routine because of an experiential marketing event. Social Fitness Events are a great way to get started with social games that encourage friendly competition, build teams and give residents a fun way to make friends in their neighborhood.

The idea is simple: gather residents in a common area, invite them to play games like bingo or trivia, and then treat everyone to some refreshments. A Social Fitness Event can help break the ice between neighbors, bring people together in their feelings of community and boost morale–all in one fun afternoon! It’s a sure way to help new residents meet and kickoff a memorable resident experience that activates your amenity spaces for months to come, while also allowing property managers a chance to focus on new residents, express resident appreciation, or address any community wide announcements.

At many of our communities, we’ve been able to experiment with fitness and fun all-in-one and bring together residents in a delightful way that provides an incentive to follow a workout. Most of these events only take 2 hours and can be easily activated outdoors or in your amenity space year-round. Here are our most requested social fitness events that inspire everyone to want to join in on group fitness! 

1. Bend & Brew 

Usher in the ultimate start to the week with an hour-long Yoga session followed by provided coffee selections and teas. Yoga classes can include everything from Candle Light Yoga, to Power Yoga, Yoga Core, Vinyasa Flow, Restorative Yoga or a more traditional Hatha Yoga class. A coffee and tea bar are an easy setup for mingling after class. As a twist on this event, an evening Yoga session can include popular caffeine-free coffees and teas including Chamomile, Caramel, and Valarian Root to promote sleep. 

2. Bagels & Barbells  

This fitness and social event theme is the perfect way to celebrate on a Saturday morning. The event kicks-off with a strength-training style fitness class such as Circuit Training or Bootcamp, followed by a refuel of carbs and coffee. Catering of bagel selections from a local vendor along with cream cheese varieties, jellies, jams, and ‘everything but the bagel’ seasoning is sure to delight all parties! Take up the bagel plate a notch with toppings including smoked salmon and capers, avocado and poached eggs.  

3. Black Light Yoga

Namaste meets electric feels with this fun twist with Black Light Yoga. This event is a perfect way to ring in Halloween during the Fall season, or to help residents integrate with a regular Yoga class.  Black lights are brought in to illuminate the yoga space, while attendees can choose to wear neon clothes and the Circuit team can provide glowstick jewelry to rein in the magic of the experience.  

4. Weights & Plates

Following a strengthening class, a weights and plates resident event offers a chance to pair a challenging workout followed by lite fare to recharge the body with proper nutrients. Food can be locally catered, or focus on a simple motivational snack residents can learn to make on their own, such as post-workout smoothies, power balls, or acai bowls to power down the right way after exerting energy.  

5. Fun Run & Nutrition Talk

This interactive resident event includes a fitness instructor-led indoor or outdoor workout that engages in in some cardio activity followed by a nutrition talk to invite inspiration for healthier eating habits or open dialogue about seasonal training recommendations. Runs or walkathons can also be an opportunity for communities to come together and create awareness for a cause.  

If you’re looking to make your property more attractive while also improving the health and well-being of your residents, look no further than Circuit to specialize in hosting social fitness events from helping you make the perfect selection to handling every detail down to the day of your event. These events are a great way to introduce some regular exercise into people’s lives, thereby making them healthier and happier—and bringing amenity activation into your communities. Reach out to our team today to get your first social event on the books!

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