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The Most Popular Times of the Week and Day for Group Fitness and Yoga Classes


by Catherine Rotman

Whether you are a Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer or Property Manager looking to offer new amenities, you’re probably looking for the best ways to make your Group Fitness or Yoga class as engaging as possible. It’s impossible to pick a time that suits everyone, but there are certain days and times of day that are more likely to yield consistent, higher participation than others.

As a provider of residential fitness and wellness amenities across properties around the U.S., we’ve collected a lot of data around preferred class times in order to provide the best experience and optimal results to the locations we serve. Our in-person and virtual classes range in intensity from Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Water Aerobics all the way to Bootcamp, HIIT and Zumba in effort to customize the experience to the needs of our communities.

The most popular time and day of the week for group fitness

Over the course of 4 years and counting, we’ve surveyed hundreds of properties on the best times and days of the week for group fitness at their properties and tracked attendance to those classes. The most popular times for group fitness classes are Monday – Wednesday evenings at 7pm, and Saturday mornings at 9am and 10am for most of the U.S. One slight variance to this trend lies in the Midwest regions, where 6pm is the ideal weeknight time for fitness classes.

The best time for Yoga classes? While Yoga classes tend to do well on weeknights, our data shows Tuesdays take the lead in popular time for this type of class. Another source compiling research from the busiest times at Yoga Studios showed studio visits actually peaked on Monday with Tuesday and Wednesday being secondary. For general fitness classes, higher intensity level classes like HIIT or cycle on a Saturday morning to kickoff the weekend.

The least popular time for group fitness

As for weeknights, both our data and outside sources align in showing Fridays as the least popular day of the week for any fitness classes, along with Sundays and Thursdays trending not far behind.

While certain nights might statistically show better engagement, it can still be effective to supplement group fitness on some of the off-nights like Thursday or Sunday for people who prefer a more intimate setting, especially in particular for classes like Yoga, without the crowd.

If you’re interested in bringing in-person or virtual group fitness classes to your community, contact us today to get started.

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