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by Circuit

Talent Member Spotlights and Group Fitness Instructor Job Openings for January 2022


by Catherine Rotman

Our team of Talent plays an integral role in helping us fulfill our mission of helping communities live well. In this post, learn more about two of our Yoga Instructors we’re shedding the spotlight on. Further below, you can check out all of our current openings for Group Fitness Instructors, Barre, HIIT, Zumba, SPIN, Water Aerobics, Event Hosting, Personal Training and more!

Jacque Souza» Yoga Instructor

“I have been practicing yoga since 2011, and I offer students an alignment-based yoga practice designed to create spaciousness in the body, mind, and spirit. I am a graduate of the Sarasvati Yoga School of Medellin teacher training program, and have been teaching yoga since 2016. I am also trained in Yoga for family, kids and teenagers and Thai body work.

I love dancing, traveling, and studying the healing process through the body-mind. I am inspired by the beauty of nature and mother earth. For the last 3 years I’ve been digging into Yoga for women and people with uterus. Nowadays, I seek for traditional Afro-Latin knowledge to guide my personal practice. I share with students methods for reducing stress, enhancing well-being, and bringing peace into their daily lives.”

Shatera Weaver » Yoga Instructor & Meditation Guide

“A modest goddess. 

 I am an educator, New Yorker, a lover, life long learner, friend, a sister, an optimist, Sickle Cell warrior, and above all – a work in progress. Three words to describe me are: hopeful, compassionate, and grateful.

I revel in the opportunity to help guide folks through reuniting their minds and bodies. If only for an hour. My favorite part of the job is fostering time and space to still the fluctuations of the mind, and be more present in the unfolding of each moment.

Fun Fact: I have traveled to over 30 countries, and hope to touch all seven continents one day.”

Group Fitness Instructor Jobs, Yoga Instructor Jobs and Event Host Openings

At the heart and soul of our community are our amazing Talent. Circuit is currently looking to expand our team of Group Fitness Instructors including Barre, Cycle, Zumba, HIIT, Yoga Instructors, and Event Hosts. Our Talent are personable, outgoing, hardworking, dependable, communicative, and of course, passionate about fitness and what they do. They are seeking to inspire others and believe in the power of community.

If you are interested in joining our nationwide community of amazing talent, please apply with your current resume and contact information.

Group Fitness Instructor Jobs

Group Fitness Instructor » Deerfield Beach, FL

Group Fitness Instructor » Mamaroneck, NY

Group Fitness Instructor » Ithaca, NY

On-Call Group Fitness Instructor » Washington, DC

On-Call Group Fitness Instructor » Arlington, VA

Barre Instructor Jobs

Barre Instructor » Arlington, VA

Barre Instructor » Washington, DC

On-Call Barre Instructor » Washington, DC

HIIT Instructor Jobs

HIIT Instructor » Washington, DC

HIIT Instructor » New Rochelle, NY

On-Call HIIT Instructor » Mamaroneck, NY

On-Call HIIT Instructor » Arlington, VA

On-Call Group Fitness & HIIT Instructor » Secaucus, NJ

Yoga Instructor Jobs

On-Call Yoga Instructor » Manassas, NY

Water Aerobics Instructor Jobs

Aquacise Group Fitness Instructor » Deerfield Beach, FL

Personal Training Jobs

Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor » Baltimore, MD

Personal Trainer » Washington, DC

Personal Trainer » Philadelphia, PA

Personal Trainer » Alexandria, VA

Personal Trainer » Arlington, VA

Cycle (SPIN) Instructor Jobs:

Cycle (SPIN) Instructor » Deerfield Beach, FL

Zumba Instructor Jobs

Dance Fitness Instructor » Manassas, VA

Event Host Jobs

Event Host » Washington, DC

Event Host » New York, NY

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