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by Circuit

Talent Member Spotlights and Group Fitness Instructor Job Openings for December


by Catherine Rotman

As part of our core mission, Circuit seeks to help communities live well, and this is all made possible with the skilled members of our Talent who help us provide wellness and lifestyle amenities. All of our Yoga Instructors, Group Fitness Instructors and Event Hosts bring our vision to life. In this post, we’re spotlighting two of our Talent members including one of our on-call Group Fitness Instructors and one of our Yoga Instructors. Further below, you can explore all our current opportunities for event hosting and group fitness jobs currently available.

Emily Watson » Group Fitness Instructor

I am a Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Group Fitness Instructor, mom of 5 kids, Navy veteran, current military spouse, and self-proclaimed cardio junkie. I love to inspire and encourage people towards becoming the best version of who they want to be!

Melissa Mellen » Yoga Instructor

I embarked upon my fitness journey about 15 years ago. For many of those years I was consumed with the desire of obtaining an ideal physical esthetic; I spent five to seven days a week at a local gym doing an exhaustive cardiovascular and weightlifting regiment. I found it most days to be counterproductive and unfulfilling.

In 2015 I accepted a new job. My manager was not only an amazing mentor to have in the Corporate Financial sector, but was also a Certified Reiki Master.

I immediately felt drawn to the therapeutic and grounding sensation that I experienced through Reiki, and guided meditation. My entire world changed, and I began to embark upon my yoga journey.

Fast forward to now. I am an avid yoga student, practitioner, and teacher. I love to learn, education, and emerge in my practice. I completed both my 200 and 500 hour teaching certification at the Dharma Yoga Center in New York City with Sri Dharma Mittra, a beloved guru of modern yoga.

Aside from Yoga, I am a proud dog mama to my 15 month old Pitbull named Viggo. I have become a Pitbull awareness and education advocate. Animal advocacy and rights is a strong sentiment held in the Dharma Yoga Community. When we see ourselves in others’, and begin to let go of ego, expectations, and judgement, only then can we move forward in our journey to self-knowledge; the ultimate goal of yoga.

Yoga, when perceived as a lifestyle, not just a method of fitness, has changed my life and mindset. Physical beauty is void of value, without the prioritization of emotional and mental beauty. Be kind and compassionate to all beings, that is the best beauty and youth serum we can feed ourselves.

I always encourage my students to focus on balance, and embrace who they truly are. Self love and compassion is critical, and without this, we limit ourselves. Authenticity is key, diversity is beautiful, and we all bring something special to the table. Learning from others is the best way we grow as individuals.

Group Fitness Instructor Jobs, Yoga Instructor Jobs and Event Host Openings

At the heart and soul of our community are our amazing Talent. Circuit is currently looking to expand our team of Group Fitness Instructors including Barre, Cycle, Zumba, HIIT, Yoga Instructors, and Event Hosts. Our Talent are personable, outgoing, hardworking, dependable, communicative, and of course, passionate about fitness and what they do. They are seeking to inspire others and believe in the power of community.

If you are interested in joining our nationwide community of amazing talent, please apply with your current resume and contact information.

Group Fitness Instructor Jobs

Group Fitness Instructor » Deerfield Beach, FL

Fitness Attendant » Deerfield Beach, FL

On-Call Group Fitness Instructor » Washington ,DC

On-Call Group Fitness Instructor » Arlington, VA

Barre Instructor Jobs

Barre Instructor » Arlington, VA

Barre Instructor » Washington, DC

On-Call Barre Instructor » Washington, DC

HIIT Instructor Jobs

On-Call HIIT Instructor » Mamaroneck, NY

On-Call HIIT Instructor » Secaucus, NJ

On-Call HIIT Instructor » Arlington, VA

Yoga Instructor Jobs

Yoga Instructor + On-Call Yoga Instructor » Washington DC

On-Call Yoga Instructor » Arlington, VA

On-Call Yoga Instructor » New York, NY

On-Call Yoga Instructor » Yonkers, NY

Personal Training Jobs

Personal Trainer » New York, NY

Personal Trainer » Washington, DC

Personal Trainer » Alexandria, VA

Personal Trainer » Arlington, VA

Cycle (SPIN) Instructor Jobs:

Cycle (SPIN) Instructor » Deerfield Beach, FL

On-Call Cycle (SPIN) Instructor » New York, NY

Zumba Instructor Jobs

Zumba Instructor » Deerfield Beach, FL

Event Host Jobs

Event Host » Washington, DC

Event Host » New York, NY

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