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by Circuit

Local Miami Mixologist Gains New Business and Exposure Working with Circuit  


by Catherine Rotman

For small minority-owned entrepreneurs including Mixologist Nathalie Leyva, partnering with Circuit has been a harmonious venture that not only allows Circuit to diversify unique Resident Experiences across communities, but also helps local professionals gain exposure and build their brand.

In major markets like Miami, Circuit’s Events team works with 75% minority owned local small businesses, creators and shops to curate world-class and unique resident experiences. The diversity of vendors include minority, female, and LGBTQ business owners.  One of those owners who we’ve had a mutually great relationship with is Nathalie Leyva, also known as Mixologist Nat.  


Nathalie Levya (Mixologist Nat) is a Professional Bartender and Mixologist based out of Boca Raton, Fl. She brings with her a passion for food & beverage, bilingual fluency in both English and Spanish, Culinary School education, and VIP Bartending experience from a 40 million Mega Yacht in Miami. Her work extends beyond the yacht to upscale and exclusive events with celebrities of 600 or more, and she’s worked in bars across Miami to South Beach Delray and Pompano Beach. Her diverse background and upscale work experience made her a great fit to help bring to life Circuit’s one-of-a-kind resident events.  

Circuit Resident Events Hosted by Mixologist Nat

With help from Mixologist Nat, Circuit has been able to facilitate unique and exciting events with amazing mixed beverages well above your standard happy hour concoctions. Nat is a 1 stop shop, bringing her entire bar set up to the property prior to each event, including 3 unique flavors for various cocktails, depending on the audience. (curating a unique menu including 3 unique flavors for various cocktaials at each event) 

From the moment she gets set up, she bartends throughout the entire event, bringing her charisma into every interaction she has with people. Some of our most memorable events with Nat include a Margarita Happy Hour and a Pina Colada Happy Hour, both held on separate occasions at the 11-story boutique Gallery at River Parc for 45 -75 guests, respectively.  Her popular cocktails included Guava Margaritas, Strawberry mojitos and Coconut Pina coladas.  

Residents of Ft Lauderdale’s Edge at Flagler Village also had a chance to experience Nat’s mixology skills with a Margarita Happy Hour as well including 45-65 guests. From a sweeter twist on the traditional happy hour offerings, she also hosted a Mimosa bar alongside a Pool Party at Hallandale Beach’s ArtSquare at Hallandale including a sample of 3 different types of fruity mimosas. 

“Working for Circuit and the Event’s Team has been an awesome experience. As an independent freelance bartender, I was brought a good amount of business and had the opportunity to work as a Bartender/Mixologist for multiple exciting Happy Hour events throughout the Miami area for several months. Since our time working together, my business has gained a very good amount of exposure and I have even gained independent clients through working various events. I love how fun and varied both the event themes and locations have been and the amount of exposure to people and meeting other business owners like myself.”

Deliver unparalleled resident experiences with Circuit

Resident Events take a lot of work and are necessary to help you cultivate appreciation and build connections and retention within your building. The planning, contracting, organization with several vendors along with execution can be difficult when you’re not sure what you’re looking for or what vendors in your area are the best. If you have flexibility in your budget, consider a service available to your community such as Circuit that will work 1:1 with you to deliver something personal and locally curated to your residents, rather than another automated cookie cutter experience.  To start exploring options for your building, contact the Circuit team today!

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