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by Circuit

A Strategy That Boosted Community Engagement for one DC Property by 92%


by Catherine Rotman

As a Property Manager, you have a lot on your plate, from prioritizing tenant concerns to managing operations such as rent and maintenance requests and reducing turnover. With all these significant responsibilities and limited time, building a successful engagement strategy can be a key to improving the overall tenant experience that checks a lot of these buckets. But even finding the time to squeeze the energy into an engagement strategy can be challenging. Aside from a good customer service plan, what can drive a happy tenant or resident to the next step as a lease renewal? What explicitly makes an apartment rental more than just any place to live, but more of a home?

Bridging the gap between empty amenity spaces to activated amenity spaces

Many multifamily communities are equipped with fitness centers and amenity areas for residents to gather and people to relax outside the steps of their apartment. However, there is often a disconnect in creating the interaction and the spark to bring these amenity centers to life for the ultimate goal of uniting a residential or corporate building. So what strategy has helped us most effectively bridge this gap?

With our 6th year now in business, we’ve grown our footprint nationally and had the opportunity to engage over 100,000+ residents across multifamily, corporate, and student housing properties. While many of our properties have been successful, our luxury buildings with a full-time Community Experience Director on-site have seen excellent results.

Having a Community Director on-site not only allows communities to enjoy our most popular wellness and lifestyle services including in-person and virtual fitness and events, but enables a full menu of tailored services including:

  • Five in-person fitness classes + personal training
  • 5-8 engagement events
  • Clubs, gatherings + leagues
  • Community Experience technology
  • Custom white-label marketing
  • Recruitment + placement of Community Experience Directors
  • Dedicated account management
  • Consulting + more!

Resident engagement stats for a luxury Washington DC residential property

In the case of one of our class A properties in Washington DC, we were able to generate a 92% increase in total resident engagement. The property came to Circuit to help oversee fitness classes, take over operations of the fitness center, deliver well-being programming, and communal events throughout their on-site amenity spaces. They started with 418 units in year 1, and had an increase of 300+ residents by the end of year 1.

Working side-by-side with the building management team, Circuit provided support on all fitness classes, events, and re-activated amenities with strategic touch points throughout the building. Circuit also developed white-label marketing to promote the building and its amenity services to residents. Services included 6-8 monthly on-site events, 2-3 monthly virtual events, 5 weekly on-site fitness classes, and 12 weekly virtual fitness classes. The average event had 56 attendees, the average fitness class yielded 8 attendees which was near capacity for all classes, and the fitness center class size gew from 4 to 10 over the year – in total a 98% fitness space activation turnaround.

Highly attended events included unique themes such as Bastille Day with a local pastry chef with crepes to order and French wine seminar, a Plant Repotting Class provided in conjunction with a local nursery, and a Havana Nights Cuban and Caribbean inspired event that welcomed a Cuban Chef and featured a DJ, 3D photo booth, and rum tasting from a local distiller.


While the engagement numbers speak for themselves, we’ve also received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from properties who have worked with our team to include the full-service experience for their communities. Here are just a couple of highlights about their experience working with our on-site Community Experience Directors:

Of all available amenities, our events are the absolute best part of living here. Name another building with monthly (if not more frequent) free wine tastings, led by a legitimate sommelier. The work the Circuit team puts into organizing the community’s free events (cooking classes, wine tastings, rooftop sunrise yoga, Crossfit, you name it) does not go unnoticed.

New to apartment living, our Community Experience Director made us feel part of a community. His thoughtfulness, kindness, creativeness and professionalism are qualities that are essential for a Lifestyle Director. The events are always well thought out, organized and well attended.

What does it take to incorporate a full-time Community Experience Director into my building?

Getting your building invested in a full-service plan with a dedicated Community Experience Director is a sure way to make a direct and powerful impact on your resident experience and bring your building to life. To see about getting started with full-service plan for your property, be sure to contact us today.

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