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by Circuit

5 Ways to Activate Your Building’s Amenity Spaces


by Catherine Rotman

With the rise in at-home work and the increasing movement towards more meaningful living, social activation of amenity spaces is on the rise as one of the leading trends into the 2022 and beyond. More recently, socially activated amenity areas have transitioned from a ‘perk’ in modernized apartments to a standard of living. For those in particular who are still working remotely or even with hybrid work and home offices, having a convenient way to separate the veil between work life and home is critical to avoiding monotony and burnout of the blending between the two atmospheres. By creating engaging amenity spaces that cater to both leisure interests and convenience, greater lasting value can be provided to your tenants. Here are some examples of how to spark life into your building’s amenity spaces.

1. Unite residents with pet-friendly seasonal events

Pet-loving residents will love any opportunity to be able to celebrate their furry friends and bring them out! For the holidays, we recently held a Pet Photos with Santa in-person event at one of our properties that brought a lot of residents together and created lasting laughs and memories. For other times of the year, there are plenty of additional opportunities to engage residents with things like ‘Yappy hours’ which can include perks like a photobooth, special treats, chats with a local trainer, and opportunities to win fun prizes such as grooming to a local shop.

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2. Host a themed wine night from a Sommelier or wine expert

Wine is a topic that easily sparks enthusiasm from all types of crowds, and many types of events exist that can create an engaging event for your residents, whether in-person or virtually. In a recent virtual event, we invited our incredible and multifaceted Community Experiences Manager, Jordan Hammes, to discuss how to distinguish and select between different types of bubbles for all occasions and pair it with a perfect chocolate dessert. This event was then re-created and offered on-site at select properties to help residents learn how to level up their wine selection game before the holidays. Alternative variations to this event can include wine and cheese pairings, or any themed experience that highlights a particular group of wine and it’s history.

3. Promote a fashion show to help sponsor a good cause

A Rescue Runway event is a wonderful way to encourage residents to clean out their closet, get together, and offer an opportunity for a clothing swap and social media driven ‘fashion’ show. Remaining items that no one takes can be donated to a chosen or partnering non-profit organization or a cause. This type of event is something easy that can be activated within 2 weeks at your property, and can peak interest in future events if held in a common area such as a lobby or open floor space.

4. Try a Blacklight Yoga event night

Blacklight Yoga classes are a fun way to raise the bar from a traditional Yoga class. This fun yoga theme is also a great way to get residents in the mindset of working out with a different approach and can warm them up to the idea of fitness class offerings you may already have! This fun theme is great for timid yoga beginners who may love the idea of dipping their toes into the realm of Yoga and also prefer to be in a setting where there are lots of distractions and other elements to take any potential focus off individual performance.

5. Take advantage of your outdoor areas with easily deployable fitness and events

Outdoor areas can be one of the easiest ways to bring life to your building and there are so many ways to do it. Weather permitting of course, rooftops, pool decks and courtyards can make a perfect setting for a sunset Yoga class. Create a meet & greet opportunity for residents through a Thursday evening get-together that includes an opportunity to taste cuisine from a local food truck. Family-friendly themes like movie nights from a projector, s’mores around the fire, or a barbeque at a grilling area gives residents a chance to mingle and make new friends.

While you can certainly try to implement all these resident engagement ideas on your own, Circuit can do the heavy lifting for you and coordinate everything from in-person and/or virtual amenity programming, to full-service options in order to help activate your amenity spaces and common areas. For more great ideas to help you easily start creating community and adding value for your property today, contact us today.

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