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12 Fall Resident Event Ideas to Celebrate the Season


by Catherine Rotman


Fall is just around the corner, and soon it’ll be time to put away the pool toys and break out the ugly sweaters. Whether you’re a new property manager tasked with coming up with ideas to boost resident engagement and increase retention, or have been on the job for years, sometimes it can be a challenge to come up with exciting and fresh ideas. 

The great news is, there’s no need to wait for a holiday to gather your building to engage! The festive fall season can be used by property management teams to get residents together for fun activities or informative workshops. Whether you manage  an apartment, condo or townhome community, the following 12 resident-led ideas will help kick off fall in a big way and get everyone excited about the Season of Fun!

Tailgate parties

Football is one of the many elements of fall we love! Hosting an all-in-one tailgate party, complete with food, drinks and games is one way to celebrate. This event is best suited for your property’s clubhouse, amenity center, or lawn. If you opt to have this event outdoors, you can have a “best tailgate” contest where everyone votes on their favorite setup! For extra interaction, host a cornhole tournament that includes prizes for the winners (and losers).

S’mores by the fire

Bring your residents to an outdoor campfire under the stars! You can make s’mores, hot chocolate and even roast marshmallows on a stick. Be sure to include lots of outdoor laundry-friendly pillows and blankets. A wide variety of chocolates from salted caramel to white chocolate and dark chocolate, and graham crackers including cinnamon and chocolate will appeal to all taste buds. We love that this event is family friendly and perfect for communities with all ages.

Mixology Night: Autumn Samplers

A Mixology Night, hosted by a professional mixologist, is an exciting way to learn how to make autumn cocktails you can enjoy from home. You’ll learn about the basics of cocktail making, the history of certain drinks, and how to transform a handful of simple ingredients into a tasty concoction you can enjoy all season long. 

Pet Costume Contest for a Cause

A pet costume contest with a donation option to a local animal shelter or charity is an interactive and exciting way to raise money for an organization you care about, while also giving your residents an engaging way to mingle with their furry friends and showcase their creativity. Prizes can be awarded for Best in Show and Most Unusual pairing! As an extra element, you can invite a local dog trainer to host Q&A sessions for dog owners, and include raffle prizes for things like doggy day care, groomers, or a local pet boutique shop.

Whiskey Tasting

Did you now… September is national whisky month?! Beyond the fall months, whiskey makes a great foundation for warming autumn spirits. Invite a pro-mixologist to share a sampling of mid-range and top-shelf whiskey varieties and suggest cocktails to pair each with. For an interactive element, include a trivia to help attendees learn more about varieties with a small giveaway bottle for the winner. 

Black Light Yoga 

Namaste meets electric feels with this fun twist with Black Light Yoga. This event is a perfect way to ring in Halloween during the Fall season, or to help residents integrate with a regular virtual or onsite Group Yoga class. Black lights are brought in to illuminate the yoga space, while attendees can choose to wear neon clothes and glowstick jewelry can. be provided to rein in the magic of the experience.  

Fall Social 

Fall socials have become increasingly popular as a way to bring the whole building together. Not only do they provide an opportunity for residents to meet and get to know one another, but they also help landlords learn more about their tenants. Include fun elements of fall into the gathering, from a hot cocoa or spiced cider bar to pumpkin decorating, a Fall-themed photo both, or even encourage costumes if you want your event to coincide with Halloween. 

Murder Mystery Dinner

A murder mystery is an interactive theater game where attendees can dress up to match a specific genre or era in theme and work together to solve a fictitious murder that has occurred. Murder Mystery Dinner party games can be played at any time of year, but they are especially popular during Halloween and New Year’s Eve parties, making it a great option for fall or winter. 

Autumn Wreath Making

An autumn wreath making workshop is one of the most popular events for all demographics and apartment community living. It’s a great activity for all ages, from young children to the elderly, and can be done indoors or outdoors. The materials needed for this fun craft are simple and inexpensive, so your residents won’t need much for this project. Fall leaves, twigs, acorns, pine cones, straw and other natural items that can find outside the home or at a local craft store can be used. A local florist is the perfect host for this event, whether virtually or onsite.

Toasty Tea Making

Tea Making workshops are a fun and interactive way to get residents together. They are also a great way to raise awareness of the benefits of many teas from preventing cancer and heart disease, to reducing stress levels, inflammation, and improving concentration and memory. For fall, this event can include special varieties with spice, ginger, cinnamon, citrus and apple. An experienced host can provide everything from saucers to herbs, and walk your residents through the process of making their own herbal remedies and tasty concoctions from the comfort of home.

Charcuterie & Chill

Brie + what? Gorganzola + who? Wine is a fun topic for many, especially when paired with cheese. Get the down low on how to put out a proper cheese board to pair with any and all wines. Alternative variations to this event can include wine and chocolate pairings, or any themed experience that highlights a particular group of wine and it’s history.

Back to Basics: Meal Prep Workshop

As kids go back to school and things begin to shift for the remainder of the year, it can be helpful to get ahead of the holidays with healthy routines and habits. A meal prep workshop is a great way to do exactly that. Hosted by a dietician, nutritionist, or meal prep enthusiast, residents can learn tips and tricks to help plan out the work week with healthy and tasty meals ahead of time. Shopping lists can be arranged ahead of time, and this event is best suited for a Sunday evening for residents to plan alongside the event host. 

The best thing about Circuit-led events is that they’re unique to the building and its residents. Each one can be tailored to fit the interests of the community it’s organizing, such as any interests you think are missing from your regular programming. However, as a property manager you likely don’t have the time or energy to facilitate every action required to plan and host an engaging event like this for your community. That is where Circuit Living can come in and help you plan every aspect, for minimal cost, with our very own dedicated team of Event Planners and world-class vendors. Reach out to our team today to explore events for your community! 

About Circuit  

Circuit is a premier tech-enabled amenities company providing fitness, wellness, and lifestyle events to residents nationwide. Circuit events are managed by a world-class team and integrate top-tier local vendors directly into your apartment community. 

  • We ensure high-quality, easy-to-deploy, and memorable experiences to your residents 
  • We provide you with all the marketing you need to make your resident event a success 
  • We are your one point of contact and provide you with a single invoice 
  • We handle every step for you from start to finish 

Contact the Circuit team today to explore your first event for your community. 

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